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Located in Toorak, Melbourne, Ciccio & Ciccia is an Italian Wine Bar and Restaurant with a exquisite selection of Italian Wines and a focus on authentic and elegantly simple Italian cuisine. A fresh warm interior welcomes you to relax and enjoy a taste of Italian hospitality.

Our chef believes in showcasing authentic Italian cuisine. Fresh ingredients prepared well need no flourish or added fusion. These are the dishes inspired by the rich history of Italian culture, from Abruzzo to Sardinia, masterfully cooked and plated for you.

Our Chef
Pierpaolo Bichiri

“When eating even a simple dish like spaghetti and tomato, or when drinking a glass of wine, people are not just eating or drinking. They are experiencing all of our history, culture and way of life.”

Educated at Accademia Niko Romito in Abruzzo, Pierpaolo’s professional culinary training began in a 3 Michelin Star restaurant. Inspired by his family’s strong relationship with food and by the quality of fresh produce in his hometown, Turin, Pierpaolo is committed to contributing to the formidable cultural scene in Melbourne, proving that Italian’s really do eat well.

“The traditional Italian cuisine celebrates the rich diversity of Italy’s little villages and smalltowns. It contains so much variety and is characteristically simple, healthy and tasty. This underscores my philosophy in the kitchen. Italian classics should be traditional and simple.

This means that our dishes have a main protagonist that works in synergy with the other elements, the end result being a delicious combination of flavours.

With its huge, evocative power, food acts as an ambassador of our country and that’s what we strive to convey through cooking, music and conversation.” I’ve checked on our end, and we’re not tick this url experiencing any system downtime

Our Sommelier

Stefano Di Meo

“Wine and food, when paired correctly, complement each other to create a synergy of flavour. In Italian we call this ‘un’armonia fra vino e memoria’ – the harmony between wine and memory.”

Trained personally by the vice president of the Association of Sommeliers in Australia and New Zealand (ANZIS), Roberto Bellini, Stefano graduated from the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS) with an acute insight into the world of wine pairing. His experiences managing restaurants in Italy, Argentina, the U.S. and Australia have shaped his unique philosophy. For Stefano, Italian food and wine should be enjoyed casually with conversation and comfort.

“When you have insight into the regional origins of wine, and its composition, you tailor a culinary experience to the individual. It’s all personal. That’s also why I consider the person’s cultural background. This allows me to navigate towards flavours and aromatics that are customary and familiar to them – it’s all formulaic.”

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday | 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Monday | Closed


Located in Toorak, Melbourne, Ciccio and Ciccia brings Italian wine and authentic Italian cuisine from our comfortable wine bar and eatery. Come enjoy a taste of Italy.



Shop 12, 1 Grange Rd,
Toorak VIC 3142

Phone: 03 9826 1472

E-Mail: [email protected]

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